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Cardinal Number of a Finite and Infinite Set

The number of distinct elements in a finite set A is called cardinal number and it is denoted by n(… Read more Cardinal Number of a Finite and Infinite Set

Laws of Algebra of Sets

If A, B and C are three non-empty sets, then  (i) Idempotent law  A $\cup$ A = A   A $\cap$ A = A  … Read more Laws of Algebra of Sets

Complement of a Set

The complement of a set Ais the set of all those elements which are in universal set but not in A. … Read more Complement of a Set

Operations on Sets

Now, we introduce some operations on sets to construct new sets from the given ones (i) Union of Tw… Read more Operations on Sets

Venn Diagram

A Swiss Mathematician (1707-1783) Euler gave an idea to represent a set by the points in a closed c… Read more Venn Diagram

Power Set

Let A be a non-empty set, then collection of all possible subsets of set A is known as power set. I… Read more Power Set