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 About JEE-IIT-NCERT Physics & Math

This blog is for everyone especially junior and senior high school students and physics students who need a variety of learning resources. This blog can function as a complement to books or physics materials, physics questions and their solutions, and physics practice questions for tests and National Examinations, JEE, TII & NCERT that have been provided by teachers / lecturers at school / campus. which contains the concepts of physics.

We try to present as many concepts of physics as possible to readers, so that this blog can be useful for readers who visit this blog. We do all this in order for JEE-IIT-NCERT Physics & Math to have a place in the hearts of readers, as an enlightening medium for all of us who love physics. We also hope that the presence of this blog will be able to help improve mastery and knowledge of physics.

Let us continue to learn, read, and apply the physics concepts presented in JEE-IIT-NCERT Physics & Math for mutual progress.