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Fluid flow is a complex phenomenon. But we can obtain some useful properties for steady or streamli… Read more BERNOULLI’S PRINCIPLE

Streamline Flow

So far we have studied fluids at rest. The study of the fluids in motion is known as fluid dynamics… Read more Streamline Flow

Hydraulic Machines

Let us now consider what happens when we change the pressure on a fluid contained in a vessel. Cons… Read more Hydraulic Machines

Atmospheric Pressure and Gauge Pressure

The pressure of the atmosphere at any point is equal to the weight of a column of air of unit cross… Read more Atmospheric Pressure and Gauge Pressure

Variation of Pressure with Depth

Consider a fluid at rest in a container. In Fig. 1 point 1 is at height h above a point 2. The pres… Read more Variation of Pressure with Depth

Pascal’s Law

The French scientist Blaise Pascal observed that the pressure in a fluid at rest is the same at all… Read more Pascal’s Law


A sharp needle when pressed against our skin pierces it. Our skin, however, remains intact when a b… Read more Pressure