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Drops and Bubbles

One consequence of surface tension is that free liquid drops and bubbles are spherical if effects o… Read more Drops and Bubbles

Angle of Contact

The surface of liquid near the plane of contact, with another medium is in general curved. The angl… Read more Angle of Contact

Surface Energy and Surface Tension

As we have discussed that an extra energy is associated with surface of liquids, the creation of mo… Read more Surface Energy and Surface Tension

Surface Tension

You must have noticed that, oil and water do not mix; water wets you and me but not ducks; mercury … Read more Surface Tension

Viscosity and Stokes’ Law

Most of the fluids are not ideal ones and offer some resistance to motion. This resistance to fluid… Read more Viscosity and Stokes’ Law

Dynamic Lift

Dynamic lift is the force that acts on a body, such as airplane wing, a hydrofoil or a spinning bal… Read more Dynamic Lift


The Venturi-meter is a device to measure the flow speed of incompressible fluid. It consists of a t… Read more Venturi-meter

Speed of Efflux: Torricelli’s Law

The word efflux means fluid outflow. Torricelli discovered that the speed of efflux from an open ta… Read more Speed of Efflux: Torricelli’s Law