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Composition of Functions

Let A B and C be three non-empty sets. Let f →A : B and g →B : C be two mappings (or functions), th… Read more Composition of Functions

Algebra of Real Functions

Let f : X → R and g : X → R be any two real functions, where X $\subset$ R. (i) Addition of two re… Read more Algebra of Real Functions

Inverse Function

Let f be defined a function from A to B such that for every element of B their exist a image. Let y… Read more Inverse Function

Greatest Integer Function

For any real number x, the greatest integer function ⌊x⌋is equal to greatest integer less than or e… Read more Greatest Integer Function

Modulus Function

Function y = f(x) = |x| is known as modulus function.  y = f(x) = $\left\{\begin{matrix}x,&x\ge… Read more Modulus Function

Classification of Functions

Constant Function  A function which does not change as its parameters vary i.e., the function whose… Read more Classification of Functions